A California Dreamin’ encore

Since being back in the sunshine state I’ve wondered how, growing up, I didn’t fully appreciate this diverse landscape and natural beauty. Perhaps now I’m seeing it through new eyes.

IMG_9730After years of drought, Cali got a good shower. From October to February almost 28 inches of rain fell! Wettest year in 122 years of record-keeping. The flora went a bit crazy.IMG_9470

IMG_6573 (1)
shredding softly…Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 12.55.48 AM

…and so did we. With May being national bike month, there were too many reasons to count to get out there and pedal. I didn’t have to go far for it to feel a bit wild. I was actually quite shocked to find some peaceful dirt trails with snow-capped San Bernardino mountains within view and the ocean just a few miles away.

Just goes to show what you can find when you go digging in your own backyard.
Sweet chariot with tinted windows and a sun shade. And a gaggle of toys, diapers, clothes and a picnic. Always prepared 🙂
Sunny side up
Ninasisa seems to enjoy camping as much as I do
IMG_9498 (1)
we rallied the family to the beach for a campout

IMG_956320 Minutes after we had our feet in this water, a woman was attacked by a shark nearby. That didn’t keep many of the die hard surfers out of the water.

Before long I was eager to go camping again.

I love the desert for its severity, immense expanse and star bursting night skies. Since riding Baja I have a bit of cactus juice in my veins. My mother grew up going to Joshua Tree, so how is it that I had never been?

FullSizeRender (1)
My Aunt Carol & Uncle Richie around 1963 in Joshua Tree with their Tote Goat.

It seems that I was just waiting for that special moment in my life.

We didn’t fancy pitching with other campers so we found somewhere we could howl at the moon undisturbed.

I am often blown away by how great it is to sleep out in the elements. Our second night we really were blown away by 55 mph winds which busted the tent zipper so we slept in a compact rental car. Nina was a champ but my sister and I were sure bellyaching. On a brighter note we awoke to cool weather which was perfect for cycling some dirt paths on the 5 acres of desert we had, just us and the desert spider beetles.

Honestly I could have done this for days and days. The trailer handled well and Nina had the comforts of home away from home.
Lots of inlets to explore inside the national park. Where the Mojave and the Colorado merge.



Strolled around watching rock climbers. Was happy to have her trailer for good sun protection, well ventilated and light to push.


cave dweller’s picnic spot. this was actually an ideal breast feeding nook 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 1.43.18 AM


Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 1.21.29 AM
Coachella Valley


Spring time seemed ideal to go see what our friends were up to on the farm..


Saw these guys daily in Peru. In California it’s a rare sight.


very grumpy but tolerated us silly humans


I wanted to do a post about our trailer that has made adventuring with a baby possible. It has also made everyday life, childcare and running around incredibly easier. Car culture rules in southern California but if you are a martian like me and don’t own a car life still goes on. With a little planning and pedaling errands are also a refreshing workout. In line at the market I’ve had people remark that my stroller must be such a pain to get into the car. Well, THIS is my car.

Burley Encore. Safe, comfortable, room for 2 and up to 100 lbs. worth of cargo. Rolls smooth and effortless. One day I used another stroller to do my normal routine and half way through my walk home I was so over it! Was a slog compared to this.

It’s actually surprisingly simple to fold up with and pop into the trunk of any car. I get stopped quite a bit by curious families and I’m quite happy to share info on riding with a tot. It may not seem like much at all but I hope that folks see me about town and think they too can imagine life with less use of a car.

We manage tedious stuff too like a trip to get vaccines..made a bit more tolerable that she could chill in her baby cave.
IMG_8875 (1)
We participated in a fundraising walk.
Before I had my trailer it wasn’t always so easy getting around.
IMG_7896 (1)
Ocean creature exploring at the tide pools.



While hiking in Idyllwild an older man stopped to tell me that he had hiked with his babies who were now in their 40s and were hiking right along with him that very day.


While camping we met many like minded families. There was an Austrian family with 2 young kids driving all over the US.


She has stayed dry as a bone in a downpour, sheltered from wind, sun, and prying strangers.
In just a week we are Peru bound!

2 thoughts on “A California Dreamin’ encore

  1. What fun adventures this spring! It’s been a beautiful season in California as you so aptly depict in your photos and words. Love you both!


  2. WHOA!! I love everything about this post! And especially the pics with Ninasisa next to her Trailer in Joshua Tree. Just Amazing! Wish my backyard looked like that! (although it’s not all that bad here either 😉 Happy days with the Burley. Have a blast in Peru and hope to catch up with you ladies soon! XXX


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