The Universe Provides

Been turning our Spot GPS off on the days off the bike as we burned through a set of batteries about every 8 days. I still sleep with it next to me outdoors & track us when we ride (breadcrumbs every 10 min.!) & check us in at the end of the day when we find camp. Taking more exploratory days “off” for stretching, bike maintenance and discovering some of the best places I never imagined existed.
I used to pay $900/month for a room in Brooklyn & now wake up somewhere new each morning, not knowing exactly where I will sleep that night which may seem strange and scary but has been one of the greatest aspects of this trip. No words can describe falling asleep under thousands of stars to a symphony of frogs on a lagoon or hearing fish splash & jump in the ocean outside your tent.
We have come to realize when we camp it’s not deep sleep- it’s one eye open on surroundings, belongings, having your antennae perked sleep. It’s important to have a day a week where we can stay indoors and sleep like we mean it. One of our new rules is no camping where we are the only ones there, it’s a bummer but we have to accept that as women it’s just not an option.
Being on it at all times is an absolute on the narrow carretera, stunning as the views are the roadside memorials, scraps of guard rail,truck parts strewn along the mountain and seeing drivers gracefully launch Tecate cans outta the car window are constant reminders. We check our ego & walk the particularly crazy blind corners. I have to say that drivers have been over the top respectful, giving plenty of space when possible and when cars pass, they turn their hazards on to let others know we are on the road.
After a few days off with a comfy bed, delicious food, laundry, spectacular company in charming homes I feel as recharged as I did when I set out for this ride. My dear Nikki Ossichak cast a line to her family friends Kathy & Nick Campion who coincidentally are from my home town! They told us fascinating stories of their life at sea (3 years sailing) and how they came to call Loreto home. Such warm, welcoming TLC..we are so grateful to them. Cherry & I took kayaks out on the Sea of Cortez & their sweet rescue pit swam all the way out with us. Felt amazing to use different muscles and be surrounded by islands. They helped us strategize out way over Sierra Gigantes & we decided to do just 20 miles to Puerto Escondido & tackle the rest of the ride to Constitucion early in the morning. We are crushing this late in the season and uh, yeah it was 101 degrees.
Had fish tacos in Loreto, donated my contact lenses (discovered on the road 1800contacts sent me the wrong prescription) and bumped into expat named Bill. We camped outside of his marina (the guard came over several times during the night to shine his flashlight on us and laugh about us camping with bikes) Serendipitously through the radio waves, Ben Alley (submariner since the age of 17) found us and we had a smashing day snorkeling Danzante Island & Honeymoon Cove. Unbelievable turquoise water & the colors of the fish were truly psychedelic.
Bottles of sunscreen used: 2
Flashers: 2
Jars of peanut butter: 3
Holes in my shorts: 3

2 thoughts on “The Universe Provides

  1. 0 flat tires so far? I am surprised! Hope that good karma continues.
    Thanks for the great post. And it was a special treat to Skype with you last night.
    Continued safe travels.


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