Tijuana=major cojones

I have to admit we would most likely have been road kill had it not been for a Tijuanan, Marco, picking up his mail. He cycled past us in Chula Vista. One Buenas tardes later, we hijacked him into our adventure. Sometimes the best directions, especially through bustling TJ with your life on a bike, are “follow me”.
I must admit getting my bike through the turnstyle at the border was tricky but whipping through the streets & highways was fucking insane; and indescribably thrilling.
Pretty much the only way to get to the best of the best is to climb and so climb we did. The traffic and heat were brutal (thank you Abby for my arsenal of mantras). Marco is a champ, these are his streets and he, quite frankly, was our savior. So instead of heading home with his mail, Marco is headed to Ensenada with us.

2 thoughts on “Tijuana=major cojones

  1. That is truly awesome to read!!! that was the part I was reallly worried about – getting through the streets of TIjuana without being smashed by cars Tell Marco Muchas Gracias from your big sis!!!


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